Aerosolwave International - the Modern aerosol spray manufacturer.

A team with 30 years of experience will rewrite how aerosols spray can be produced to save both the environment and your expenditures.

Why are we unique on the market?

With a unique packaging technique within the European Union, our products are not only contrasting in their photo-realistic appearance, but also do not wear out and remain cleanable during transport and use.

Thanks to the recyclable special plastic film, all our products can receive an anti-bacterial coating, which is extremely important during the pandemic period to protect people.

The size and automation of our factory also allows us to process orders with a few pallets, which can be of great help to small and medium-sized companies in creating their own private labeled products or outsourcing the contract manufacturing tasksof a completely custom product. We help you from purchasing materials and supplies to being approved by ECHA.

The factory complies with all 2021 regulations and standards.

End-to-end Contract Manufacturing

Why should you choose us?

We know and we love what we do!

High Quality

Use of EU and other certified supplies and materials.


Automated technology combined with modern supplies and packaging solutions.


It's possible to make aerosol sprays from almost anything - challenge us!


Protecting our environment and people is one of our most important principles.

End-to-end Contract Manufacturing

You will receive the flexibility and complex service from us what you cannot get anywhere else.

Private Label

Private Label

Bring your own design or we will help you build your brand, so you can start marketing your idea. Even based on our recipe!

Custom Pricing

Custom Pricing

We know that every company has different needs. That's why we work with you to develop our internal production process for your product, so you can bring anything from design to any supplies, accessories!

Product Development

Product Development

We develop the aerosol you envision with certified labs and trial productions, even if there is no similar one in this form on the market today.



We help simplify both the procurement of supplies and materials, as well as subsequent distribution - so you can save a significant amount of money by outsourcing contract manufacturing.

Approval Process

Approval Process

Part of contract manufacturing is the technological process itself, but it is equally important that the permits required by EU directives must be perfect. We will help you with this throughout.

Talk about your idea today!


We think our products present themselves!

AerosolWave Termékek

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Free consultation on your custom product development and contract manufacturing solutions.

Benda Gábor

Gabor Benda

Head of Technology Solutions, Co-Founder

"We don't want to compete with others. We are driven by innovation to show that aerosol production is not just about profit."

mobile: +36 20 932 3082

Our Team

Get to know us

You don’t have to build a business, you have to build a team. From there, the business goes by itself.

Together, we bring more than 30 years of chemical and marketing experience.

Gabor Benda

Head of Technology Solutions, Co-Founder
"Gábor has brought with him more than 25 years of experience in chemical manufacturing and innovative ideas that have unfortunately lagged behind in this special sector so far."

How do we work?

Let's see step-by-step ..


First Consultation

We discuss your idea, we even brainstorm for hours or days about what specific products to make.


Planning & Pricing

The analysis of the requested supplies and substances, and the determination of production costs will take place at this stage. Your product is starting to develop.


Strategy Finalization

The final pricing is formed with full transparency. This is where contracting and EU approvals will start.



We make the products as per our agreement - first in a trial production stage to ensure you will get what you dreamed of.


Quality Assurance

Checking the products from all possible aspects. Only then can the next, but perhaps the most important step will happen ..



Handover or deliver of manufactured, fully inspected and approved products to you!

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